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The BPM team is ready to help enhance your brand with the right voice, story and digital presence. Marrying traditional and digital marketing, we help ensure that you touch all areas that are important for your business.

With a portfolio of clients and employers ranging from mom & pop restaurants, to franchise-based restaurant chains, to the largest food service provider in the world; BPM knows what it takes to position your brand for success. Whether it’s building a customer loyalty program, creating a social & digital marketing strategy, or getting back to basics with local store guerrilla style campaigns, Bradford Pear Marketing takes a strategic yet realistic approach to driving revenue and customer satisfaction.

Our mission is simple. We take delight in helping businesses and individuals grow, succeed, and financially thrive through social media and marketing services. 

Crissy Bradford

Crissy Bradford

Founder / Marketing Consultant

What do restaurateurs, small business owners, and Crissy Bradford have in common? They know that to dedicate yourself to owning a business, especially in the food & beverage industry, you must either be crazy, or absolutely love it. And Crissy absolutely loves it.

Crissy has been in the restaurant industry in some way, shape or form for 16 years, and has loved every second of it. Even in her days as a hostess in her hometown of Bluffton, SC, she thrived off of the fast-paced energy, employee camaraderie, and loyal customers. It only makes sense then that she married her passion for the industry with her knack for marketing, brand building, and customer loyalty.

It wasn’t long before she realized she also had a passion for small business owners, and become one herself in the creation of Bradford Pear Marketing. It’s no secret that the food & beverage industry, and small business ownership of any kind, takes a lot of heart and dedication. This heart and dedication: they’re what Crissy brings to her clients each and every day.


Tori Karlek

Tori Karlek

Creative Director

Tori is a Taylor Swift fangirl, coffee addict, writer, and sometimes designer, in that order. A background in marketing, Tori has experience in creating content for restaurants, non-profits, startups, and companies of all sizes. With a passion for storytelling, Tori’s sweet spot is crafting blog posts, articles, website content, and helping brands find their voice; helping them tell their story. She also relishes the occasional opportunity to dust off the ol’ design skills to create collateral pieces, digital images and elements, as well as personal monthly mood boards. Because she’s THAT millennial.

Emilee Deming

Emilee Deming

Marketing Coordinator

Emilee has a performance driven and millennial mindset with an intense passion for bringing your business ideas and products to life. Growing up in a family of business owners, Emilee knows the hustle that it takes to make a small business successful and this makes Emilee incredibly detail-oriented.

Emilee’s favorite part of marketing is all things social, social media, social networking, social gatherings. She also loves a good eye-catching marketing campaign.


Crissy is one of the most thoughtful and motivated people that I have worked with. Her skills range from creating marketing programs that drive traffic, to driving amazing engagement and results on a social media front.

Crissy has a “get it done” attitude is always excited to take on a new challenge. She can be relied on 100% to finish a job thoroughly completely and better then you could have imagined.

Yanira Castro

I have worked with Crissy for almost three years and she is one of the most dedicated people I know, that is the key to her success. She has helped Crunch Bistro achieve our goals and we hope to continue our relationship with her in order to make our brand successful. 

Sofia Nussbaum


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We believe to achieve greatness, you must surround yourself with greatness. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

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