4 Facebook Ads You Should Be Using to Increase Customer Frequency and Revenue

So you know you should be on social media, especially Facebook. And you’ve heard Facebook ads are a way to help your small business, but you aren’t quite sure what that means. Well, you have come to the right place!

If you have been afraid to dive into Facebook Ads because you are worried if it will actually work, then be afraid no longer! Facebook is truly the BEST, best, BEST (did I say BEST?) form of advertising today. It provides rock solid reporting, tracking and conversion rates for any budget. Whether it’s $50/month or $5000/month, Facebook ads help all kinds of businesses reach their sales and awareness goals. Whether you are a small business or big brand, Facebook ads, partnered with solid, interesting content, will help give you the boost in your business that you need. Here are the 4 Facebook Ads you should be using for your small business.

Facebook Ad Examples

Gaining Fans

Page Like Ads are a highly debated topic. Do you really need Facebook fans anymore when you have to pay for your fans and your target audience via another type of Facebook Ad (we talk about this more later on.) Well, the answer is… yes. Why? Because like it or not, “Social Clout” is a real thing. Potential customers are going to your Facebook page on a regular basis, checking out your posts and deciding whether or not you are worth their time, and their “Like”.The more fans you have, the more reputable and trustworthy your business comes across, the more likely someone is going to “Like” your page and follow your posts to see what you’re all about. Having fans that “Like” your page because they are going to check back on your business even if they don’t see an ad, is very valuable.


Boosting Posts

Facebook decided years ago that they weren’t going to be a free billboard advertisement agency any longer. Facebook was a great (now, the BEST) form of advertisement and it wasn’t charging a single dime. Can you blame them for their ad program? With the development of ads, Facebook has been able to achieve huge heights in helping businesses grow. Facebook wants its feed to be a customized newspaper reel. And when you boost your posts, you are ensuring that your targeted customers and potential customers are seeing your ad.

What is boosting a post? Simply put: It’s advertising your Facebook post so your fans, friends of fans and potential fans are sure to see it. You only pay when someone has seen or engaged with it. As long as the content in the post is efficient, Boosted Posts receive results.


Sending People to Your Website

We’re all trying to get visits to our websites. “If we could only find a way to send more people to our website, then our sales would be so much higher.”

Facebook has ad options for you to do just that. If you’re a brick and mortar small business, you can track what was searched on your site, did someone look for the address/contact us page? Did they sign up for your email list? Click “Call Us”? …And you can track exactly which ad took them to your webpage.

If you’re an online store, you can track the exact conversion rate and calculate the ROI that your Facebook ads have brought in, it’s a win-win and the type of direct advertisement you’ve been wanting.


ReMarketing Ads

So you used the “Send People to My Website” ad and they didn’t finish a purchase. Maybe they didn’t click to call you. The process doesn’t stop there, that potential sale has not been lost. Nope, not with Remarketing Ads. These are ads you can push out to people who HAVE visited your website, to get them to come back.

Remind your customer that they still have items in their cart, and which items. Make that item more desirable than ever to close the sale. With remarketing ads, the possibilities are endless.

These ads take just a little more work, you have to add Pixels to the backend. Click here to learn more.


BONUS: More ads!

The possibilities of Facebook ads doesn’t end with Remarketing Ads. Facebook has several other types of ads you can execute that can be beneficial to your business, depending on your goal. Success is also seen in Event Ads, Instagram Ads, Awareness Ads & App Install Ads. The main 4 to get you started are the ones listed here.

Whatever your goals, you can be sure Facebook ads are an effective means of achieving them.