So you aren’t posting on Facebook for your Small Business. Since you’ve landed here, I won’t go too hard on you for not doing so. Obviously by finding this article, you’re taking one of the first steps to make sure not being on Facebook is a thing of the PAST. Because it should be. Yes, your small business has to be on Facebook, and no, I am not secretly employed by Facebook (however if you’re reading this Mark, you can certainly give me a call!)

Come on y’all. Facebook is such a gift to small business owners (yes and to millennials who love tracking their every move but that’s not the point!). It’s one thing if you don’t have it in your budget to pay for $50/month in ads on Facebook (which let’s be honest, isn’t asking much) but it’s another thing if you just aren’t on it all together. Have I not convinced you already why you should have a Facebook page? Not yet? Then read on.


1- You Lack Credibility if Your Small Business is Not on Facebook: What’s one of the first actions your potential customers take when learning about whether or not they want your service or to purchase from you? They check out your Facebook page. And if they don’t search for you on Facebook directly, they Google you and if they don’t find you… then they’re bound to give up. Customers are empowered these days. They want to see photos of your products, read reviews, learn more about you.

2- You’re Missing a HUGE SEO Opportunity: Yes, sometimes even the most viral-worthy post needs to be advertised on Facebook in order to receive engagement- BUT. That shouldn’t stop you from having regularly scheduled posts providing content to your customers/potential customers. You may not receive even ONE “like” on your post but you know what? That post is helping search engines find you as legit. If the search engines believe you are legit, then you are going to organically show up in searches more often. Showing up in search engines more often = good for business.

3- Facebook Helps You to Manage Your Reputation: Are there negative reviews out there about your business somewhere? Let your customers and potential customers decide what they think about you because of your super friendly and full-of-content Facebook page that you have. Answer reviews and feedback on your Facebook page, showing what great customer service you provide! Having a Facebook page truly helps you stay ahead of the feedback and keep an eye on your reputation.

4- Keeps Your Eyes on the Competition: This may be the less obvious of the 5 reasons listed here. Did you know that with FREE yes, F-R-E-E Facebook Insights you can learn what other types of brands your fans are engaged with on Facebook? You can learn your fans behaviors and oh – you can learn which of your competitors are actually your biggest. Then, with this information, you can target ads to your competitors’ fans. I mean, how useful is that? It’s like standing in front of your competitor’s business with a big sign that says “GIVE ME YOUR BUSINESS INSTEAD OF THEM, WE ARE BETTER!” and you can’t do that in real-life without getting in trouble and being frowned upon (maybe I’ve tried it before and know first-hand). But you CAN do that with Facebook ads.

5- Lastly, but never least. Everyone Else is Doing it: And yes, you should too. Yes, actually you would jump off a bridge if everyone else was doing it. Especially if jumping meant you landing and making lots more money and everyone now knows who you are because you jumped with them. (Did that metaphor make sense? Maybe it’s a stretch…)

But at the end of the day, everyone is doing it and that’s because it is effective when done right. At least building your social media presence isn’t as scary as jumping off a bridge. And I’m always here to help! Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Bridge Jump