Here at Bradford Pear, we like to write about what’s on our minds. Posting on social media has been on our minds a lot. Mostly because it’s been one of those weeks where we have heard from our client’s customers several times, “I’ve come in today because I have been seeing you on Facebook so much lately.” 

This is not always the case. Actually, we are working on a separate post about how actually, many times customers don’t even realize that it’s an advertisement that brings them in, even though it does. But, we won’t digress. Today we will focus on how we are helping businesses gain real customers via social media posts.

Posting on social media is We understand your operations teams wanting to take it on. That doesn’t mean they should. Posts should be well thought out, have interest-worthy images, and grammar-error FREE. Grammar errors make you lose credibility and potential customers. These types of errors may seem small to you – but they are a part of the bigger picture. Let us explain.

Here’s a strategy overview of how we use social media to bring in revenue: 

  • Beautiful imagery: We focus a lot on restaurants. A lot. If you’re a restaurant, you have no room to be posting bad food photos. Same for retail, no room to be posting shotty fashion photos. There are too many foodies & fashionistas out there posting crave-worthy photos. If your photo is not crave-worthy or on-trend, you are doing yourself a disservice. Why? Because as silly as it sounds, in today’s world, people want to spend their money with businesses that are on-trend. And if you’re not positioned as such on social, they will go somewhere that is. 
  • Grammar-Free Captions: Let us repeat it for the people in the back: Customers want to eat at restaurants that are on-trend. Consumers want to purchase from brands that are on-trend. If you’re not positioned as such on social, they will spend their money at a brand that is. If you have spelling errors or grammar errors on social, potential customers will notice and they will be discouraged. Keep your posts error-free! 
  • On-Trend Voice: Being error-free does not mean you can’t use the latest slang, emojis…etc. Are you a southern brand? Say “Y’all” All.Day.Long. If that’s your brand. Go for it! There is a difference between having a trendy voice and grammar errors. 
  • Advertising: You knew this was coming didn’t you? In addition to it still being important to gain “Likes” on Facebook, advertising is important. Even $100 a month can have a positive impact on your business. Especially when you first start out. Like we have stated above, don’t just let anyone execute advertising for you. Ensure that it is someone who can dedicate time to monitoring results, the audience, making sure you are getting the best bang for your buck. 
  • Hashtags: Using the right hashtags on Instagram can really help you increase engagement from your target audience. On the flipside, using the wrong ones can make you look like an amateur. Of course you don’t want the latter!  Ensure you are targeting the right people, that will engage with you, follow you and be convinced to become your customer because of it! YES – This is a way to drive sales within your business! 
  • Additionally: Using Hashtags on Facebook are not exactly recommended here at Bradford Pear. Our tip: when in doubt, don’t use it. If there’s a powerful hashtag trend going on, it may be worth it. But typically, you are going to see Instagram provide you the most use from Hashtags.

Posting on social media is not for the faint-of-heart, or the undedicated. Experience has showed us time and again, Operators should focus on the Operations. You need someone dedicated to ensuring your social media and online presence will bring in revenue. Businesses now more than ever, need to be intentional about what is put out in the digital world.