We notice a lot of time wasted through meetings, strategy sessions, ‘outside of the box’ thinking – for social media strategy. It’s necessary to provide clarity on how to not use up your precious time towards your social media strategy.

Let’s be clear: We are not saying that social media is wasted time. On the contrary, it’s a necessary part of running business. We’re saying that a lot of time is wasted on thinking of the next “big” idea, whether or not you should jump on the next trendiest social platform, time is even wasted on something as simple as overthinking the posting strategy.

Here are great tips to ensure you make the most of the time you set aside for social media:

  • First and foremost, in order to never waste valuable time on social media as a business owner, you should hire a consultant. (Haha – did you see that coming from a mile away?) Honestly though, why take hours upon hours googling and searching how to run an ad, learn the lingo, look for the exact perfect photo, type and retype a caption – or worse – run the risk of posting a grammar error, when you can easily hire Bradford Pear Marketing at a very cost-effective price to do it for you seamlessly?
  • Don’t think VIRAL: On Facebook, there are over 5 billion items of content posted A DAY. FIVE BILLION. Viral posts are actually a small percentage of those posts. Instead of trying to go viral, allow your marketing team to have fun with your social strategy. Create unique and fun posts that resonate with your fans and your target audience. That is your best chance of having an ROI for social, not going viral.
  • Don’t Get Caught Always Trying the “Next Best Platform”: There are companies out there with millions of advertising and marketing dollars that can test out the newest and trendiest apps and social platforms. Sit back, let them try it out first, read their experiences and case studies on any popular business news outlet, then decide if you can scale it down to your business. Trying new strategies and campaigns should always happen, but there’s no reason to spend valuable time and money on platforms that have not been proven to work yet. This can be one of the biggest time sucks, should we do Pinterest? Snapchat? Vine? Maybe. But until you have a calculated time/effort v. results, be patient. If one thing’s for sure, you aren’t going to lose money because you didn’t jump on the newest social media bandwagon right away.
  • Most of your efforts should go into Facebook: This is always said in one way shape or form on our social media articles. I’ve said it 100 times and for over 10 years now (once upon a time when people thought Google + would take over Facebook…didn’t happen.) Facebook is not going anywhere. Facebook will die only if the internet dies. If you only open 1 social media account for your business, it should be Facebook. You will be sooo hard pressed to convince us otherwise. You can talk about the trends of newer generations all day but even the younger gens are on Facebook, they may not POST but it’s a big news & entertainment source for them. AKA – a place where they learn about brands and see advertisements.
  • Keep It Simple and Fun: Have more fun than your competitors, serve up delicious and beautiful posts, have a clever voice and create a post plan that fits. Even with your advertising plan, don’t feel that you need all the bells and whistles to create an effective social media ad. You don’t.

Social media is a necessary evil for some business owners. The good news is, we take the “evil” out of “necessary evil”. It’s necessary, and we make it fun & worth it. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your business.