Tips For Targeting The Right Audience

Social Media ads, of course, are extremely beneficial for growth. To receive the biggest bang for your buck out of your ad spend, finding the right target audiences is key.

Known to most advertising and marketing specialists as A/B testing, testing several audiences in multiple ways is key to finding the best audiences. And sometimes, the best audience isn’t the cheapest audience, but sometimes it is. So what is it that we advertisers do to learn your best audiences? With over 1 billion unique visitors on Facebook a day, there’s never ending types of people that you can target. But, there are several ways we research and keep an eye on the best audiences.

lego crowd

Learn Your Brand: Knowing your brand and your company doesn’t always mean you are going to learn the best audience to target. Maybe you’ve been targeting single males 18-34 years of age, come to find out, believe it or not, moms, ages 24-36 is actually who you should be targeting because they’re the ones buying the for the entire family and not just one (Yes, I’ve seen that big of a change before with the right research). But you certainly can’t get to that point if you haven’t done your research.

Learn Your Competitors: A lot of small businesses have competitors that are big brands. Did you know that you can target to the same audience as those competitors? Using Facebook insights, you can learn who it is exactly that is spending money or time engaging with your competitors- and you can PUSH ADS TO THEM! It’s very exciting, and very useful.

Learn Your Audience’s Demographics: What’s the best city, state, zip code to target? Is there one city providing you a better cost per click than another? Is there employees of a particular company that are providing you a better ROI than just a simple audience that likes xyz? Really drilling down on these demographics is key to successful social media advertising.

Placing the Right Audience with the Right Ad: Are you promoting maternity clothes in one ad and flower girl dresses in another? Then your audiences better be different. Targeting Women ages 18-40  for both is not going to cut it. For the maternity clothes you’ll want to include women who are interested in “Buy, Buy Baby” or “Expecting Parents” where with Flower Girl dresses you will want to target women who are interested in “Carter’s” or “School Kids”. And even include “newly engaged” “bride to be” in there. Interests of that nature. Making sure you’re using the best audience for each post and ad is imperative.

Sometimes a smaller cost per click may mean a smaller or no ROI. So that’s something you need to keep your eye on too. Ages 18-22 may be clicking on your site for $0.02/click but not purchasing your product, whereas ages 24-35 are making purchases, and large ones- but the cost per click is $0.10. The $0.08 more per click is worth it then, isn’t it?

No matter what type of industry your company is in, targeting the right audience and finding what fits your brand, is extremely beneficial in successful social media advertising. And the fact that Facebook provides incredible targeting abilities is another reason I believe in it for small businesses.