Analyzing the data.

It’s a big week here for Bradford Pear Marketing. November is coming to an end. A month where we helped one of our clients reach a 95% increase in sales (TWICE!!), we launched a new website…refreshed another. We placed a big advertisement in Charlotte, while simultaneously working with a Social Media Influencer to boost sales and enhance a small, local brand.

We’re not done there. We’ve launched an ongoing social advertising budget for another client and a couple weeks in, well we’ve already received a considerable increase to their website views. (We don’t have an exact number on that yet, but you can bet we will.)

One part of business that is extremely important to us is the numbers. We don’t list “Analytics and Reporting” as a service, because it’s an underlying tactic that we find crucial to succeed when we provide our services. To reach the accomplishments just listed, we don’t fly by the seat of our pants. Although, sometimes we admit – spontaneity can make some of the best campaigns – ‘educated spontaneity’ that is….

We digress. We work diligently with the numbers that we can pull from reporting. We analyze the data to make the best decisions for your marketing plan. What are your website analytics telling us? What articles/social content are receiving the most views? What type of audience do you have on your Facebook page? Instagram page? How much money does the average person make in your community? What social media page is increase month over month? Which isn’t…why? Were there any patterns in the sales when the ads were run? These are all factors we take into consideration over time, and are applied to all strategies we execute.

We do this, not only because we know it helps you to see the ROI, but we do it because well – it’s pretty fun! We enjoy seeing what really works that we do, admittedly, we enjoy seeing what isn’t working so we know not to do it again. There are some agencies out there that will keep doing the same thing over and over again not having any clue that it’s not effective.

So… are you ready to join? It’s time to let us help lead you into the Modern Marketing world, using the right data to create an effective plan for your growing business.

Let’s grow together!